March 18, 2013
Product design - Less-choice-is-more-choice

Product design: Why less choice is more choice and why Samsung doesn’t get it.

Uh-huh. You heard me right. In product design, often: Less is more. Let’s look at a segment of the mobile tech industry to see why less […]
March 17, 2013

Social Media Marketing advice: Why your ads are not converting in your Facebook Campaign

You can’t get your conversions on your ads. You keen pumping more cash in and creating ads in your campaign… and still most of your ads don’t […]
March 11, 2013

12 tips to make it cool to outsource your development

Recently I wrote a blog post: 6 Reasons why outsourcing development sucks for startups  and it’s only fair to swing right back there by playing devil’s advocate: so here’s […]
March 10, 2013

6 Reasons why outsourcing development sucks for Startups

There’s a reason that the concept of  “Hackers and Founders” is entrenched as a concept – burned in the mind of all entrepreneurs in the tech […]
March 7, 2013

Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts: Trolling – the Like Invader

If there is one thing that really pisses people, it’s hijacking their social media stream – a clear social media marketing faux pas. This is a […]
March 7, 2013

Eye of the Sparrow – Bad Lip Reading memes

Working in the startup space, a great understanding of what is pervasive in internet culture is an ABSOLUTE MUST – memes are a huge part of that culture. […]
December 10, 2012
The Non Dicksclosue.

NDA – fear and loathing in non-disclosure land

Fear. Loathing. Non disclosure agreements and paranoid delusion. “Someone is GOING TO TAKE MY STUFF.“ “You’ve gotta sign this because this project IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD”  […]
November 10, 2012
No one likes christmas trees when it comes to UX

UX – where are U? Get the pitch out.

It’s exciting – you’ve got so much to say. It’s your web or pitch wonderland and you want to invite everyone to come play with you. […]
October 31, 2012

Outsourcing developers in a startup – Part1 – 9 top tips

I think we need a new show on YouTube: “So you think you can code?”. That would be great, right? get some insight into the mystical […]
October 27, 2012

It’s the DAUNTING first post.

1. A blank canvas. For an ideas man, it sounds like the promised land… until you get there and realise: Content is still king… but the […]
October 20, 2013
Stop being a fool on Linkedin

3 ways to Stop being an Idiot on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect place to professionally build your reputation, connections and trash your good name. Here’s 3 great ways to trash your name or 3 […]
June 17, 2013
services vs products

Services vs Products – a revenue dilemma

Services vs products – the great revenue dilemma… build services or build products? What’s the difference? SCALE. There are 2 types of way of making money […]
June 2, 2013
Crowdsourcing funding via kickstarter

Community Query: I would like to know how to raise funding via Kickstarter or a crowdfunding alternative

It’s an exciting time for those looking to raise funding for the creation of products or a product range. Previously, one would have to sink serious […]
May 11, 2013

Seasoned Entrepreneurs curb their enthusiasm and depression

Entrepreneurship is rough – mostly because entrepreneurs are constantly assailed by emotional highs and lows. Great entrepreneurs know how to curb their enthusiasm . The issue […]
March 23, 2013
Hashdragon Twitter

Twitter advertising tips – why Twitter hashtags hurt your ad conversion

Hashtag sucketh. #StopUsingSoMany. It’s hurting you in a massive way – in both content proliferation and advertising. This is my first bit of Twitter advertising tips – why […]