Working in the startup space, a great understanding of what is pervasive in internet culture is an ABSOLUTE MUST – memes are a huge part of that culture. Luckily most of your friends are like me: an 8bit ‘ho. Similar to  a 2 bit ‘ho, but it’s all about the data – not so much the Benjamins. (if I’ve lost you here – carry on reading, and we’ll soon be on the same page!) Introducing one of the new memes of 2012/ 2013: Bad Lip Reading

This was one of the latest memes brought to my attention by  a close pal. Bad lip reading memes consist of famous videos (usually popular culture and presidential debates/ speeches), where the creators dub over the original voiced with their own version of the speech, based on bad lip reading. It looks like the characters in the video are actually saying what you’re hearing because the creators are great lip readers!

EXCEPT: They’re not. No sir. …yet they are… hmmm.

This particular video is the best of the lot by far. It’s a bad lip reading version of Barak Obama and Mitt Romney’s’ presidential debate.

In the immortal words of Mitt Romney: “It’s Party Time, Chumps.”. Enjoy 🙂

You can find more Bad Lip Reading memes on their YouTube channel.



Eran Eyal
Eran Eyal
Eran is the founder and CEO of Passo and StartupHat, Springleap, Evly (acquired), iDea (acquired), eSquared (acquired).

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