Founder’s Fuel

Every founder needs to know where to find the best founders fuel to keep the ball rolling.

The intersection of great coffee, sublime teas, sterling snacks, deadly deliciousness, wicked wifi and plentiful plug ports / electric outlets – it’s the perfect storm for productivity, creativity and inspiration as well as a convergence point for entrepreneurs and investors.

When you come down to it: Coffee, wifi, outlets – it’s like the startup holy trinity or winning the trifecta. It’s pure Founder’s Fuel.

Allow me to share the secrets of my travels and founders fuel with you – share your discoveries in return! I’ve been traveling quite a bit over the last 2 years and looks like there loads more to come. That means I hit a lot of coffee shops and restaurants!

I’m hugely passionate about killer coffee and titillating tea. (Secret spill: In another life, I used to be a barista at my own chain of fashion and coffee stores and my years of Kung Fu and Bagua training have taught me to love my teas as well as the process of preparing tea.)

…Why? Because if you want a good output from your mind and body, I’m a firm believer that you put good fuel in the furnace to feed the fire.

Sucky coffee, over-steeped low quality tea, overly sugary & processed snacks, woeful wifi and no access to power… these are the enemies of startups.

I will share with you my favorite locations, food, drink and gadgets that ease these pains. Welcome to Founders Fuel.