High Quality Lead Generation Secrets: Seduce interest by establishing value

Didn’t someone tell you once: You don’t get anywhere by giving it up for free. You seduce interest by establishing value. Giving things away for free (especially things that should be valuable) erode the perception of your brand’s and offering’s value. Enter the world of high quality lead generation and a gateway to better sales.

Sure, it may sound altruistic to give something valuable away for free and expect the receiver to be gracious – but in a world inundated with content and lead generation hacking, it’s really hard to be remembered and standout in a sea of freebies.

For example: You will constantly see folk giving away reports and freebies in order to get you to sign up to a mailing list. That mailing list usually sets off a drip-marketing campaign or reams of traditional sales calls (don’t you love those?).

But what’s the secret to high quality lead generation?

How do you go beyond simple interest to generate inbound leads that are truly high quality?

High Quality Lead Generation

High quality lead generation is all about having the warmest inbound leads possible. In my experience it’s not about chasing clients. It’s about getting clients to chase you – and that’s all about establishing a sense of value.

If you don’t make client’s ask for something they will never establish enough value and desirability when thinking about your offerings.

So how the heck do you do that?

Well one way is stop giving valuable assets away for free. If you can get a potential client to do something to earn what you’re giving them, you’re on your way to epic winning.

Think about it simply. Here are two scenarios:

  1. A potential lead fills out some information in response to an ad/ post to get a downloadable pdf asset
  2. A potential lead asks or endorses you to get access to the same link where they fill out the information

When you reach back out to the lead… which of the above two do you think will be the warmest lead? Which one will generate more leads? Which one has the most buy-in and is likely to take a meeting or open their wallet?

At this point there is a little guy jumping up and down in your brain shouting: “HEY! Won’t that increase the barriers for new leads and thus decrease my pool/ conversions?”. Tell that guy to SHUT UP. That’s a really low-quality mentality as it will lead you not to care about who is in your pool of leads and you will wind up chasing dead leads.

The first thing you learn about a great sales playbook is to disqualify your leads first. Why? Because there are more to disqualify than qualify and building a system that does that gets you to a place of greater efficiency within your sales funnels. You don’t waste your time. (thanks to Charles Bernard on LinkedIn at Criteria for Success in New York for teaching me this)

Think about all the times you have seen things for free and passed on them because in your mind, you think they have no intrinsic value. Placing a value of some sort (one that is redeemed for action or a fee) automatically establishes a sense of value versus a sense of entitlement.

So the lesson is really simple. There are different levels of buy-in that will create an enormous impact on the quality of your leads. The more that a potential lead buys in before your call the higher the chances are that they’re the right customer and of closing them. All you have to do, is stop eroding the perceptive value of your offering by positioning yourself as being valueless or too cheap.

Stay tuned of StartupHat’s 5 golden rules of generating high quality leads. It’s coming soon!

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Do you have any great comments or suggestions to create higher quality lead generation or establish greater value? Share it with us below.

Eran Eyal
Eran Eyal
Eran is the founder and CEO of Shopin and StartupHat, Springleap, Evly (acquired), iDea (acquired), eSquared (acquired).

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