Outsourcing developers in a startup – Part1 – 9 top tips
October 31, 2012

It’s the DAUNTING first post.



A blank canvas.

For an ideas man, it sounds like the promised land… until you get there and realise: Content is still king… but the king just realised that context is god.

Perhaps the best place to start is to discuss why this blog has a purpose, in a time when we are saturated with content and blogs from the finest mentors, skilled craftsmen and most generous of contributors.

This blog serves the purpose of “paying it forward”. I am cognisant that I have been the lucky recipient of the most astounding levels of selfless mentorship – a recognition that has instilled within myself an understanding that I need to share these learnings with others, as well as the deepest sense of gratitude for these fine gems that have been bequeathed upon me.

This is for you. The reader. The antagonist. The disrupter…

The startup AND the mentor.

May we all come full circle to realise that we travel in a never ending loop of learning.

Eran Eyal
Eran Eyal
Eran is the founder and CEO of Shopin and StartupHat, Springleap, Evly (acquired), iDea (acquired), eSquared (acquired).

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