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Case Study: Glassbox - Thoughtleadership Content

Glassbox engaged StartupHat to create aspirational pitchdecks to share with potential clients at events.

StartupHat defined the tone, copy, story and imagery to convey their story and create powerful associations with the core messaging.

From concept to close

Contact us today and we’ll help you crush those sales and close your funding rounds. StartupHat will help you deliver your story impeccably.

Case Study: Vault - Strategy, Pitchdeck and Investor introductions

Vault is an Artificial Intelligence to drive and predict the success of entertainment media, from motion pictures to tv and music.

The Vault team approached StartupHat to help them craft a story that would resonate with potential investors and to connect them with sources of funding.

Drawing on years of experience, including winning Techstars, AlleyNYC and other industry-standard pitchnites, Startuphat worked with Vault’s team to carve out a mission statement, brand language, tone and visual identity to create a pitchdeck that makes their data and proprietary solution shine.

Beyond the creation of the pitching materials, StartupHat delivered advice, coaching and introduction to Venture Capital and angels within our network.

Case Study: Display.io - Strategy, Pitchdeck and Investor introductions

Display.io, is a phenomenal startup whose mediation technology maximizes the revenue of each developer impression by running a real time auction in which premium advertisers compete to win the ad space.

StartupHat’s team reinvigorated their brand, starting with their mission statement and working outward to explain their unique platform to investors, their traction as well as unfair competitive advantage.

StartupHat is opening our network of venture capital, funds and angel investors to help Display.io raise their Series Seed of funding.

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At StartupHat we focus on getting you in front of the right folks, who can help guide you through the entrepreneurial journey.

We pride in providing you with messaging and tools that have been presented with pride to stakeholders ranging from greats such as Tim Cook, Reed Hastings, Insight Venture Partners, FF Ventures to David Sable of Y&R.

It doesn’t stop there – we open our networks to help get in front of the right customers and investors and continue to help from there and beyond.

StartupHat only takes on customers we can help.

Some clients aren’t right for us due to their stage, or sector, in which case we are happy to refer you to other partners in our network. But if you’re serious about making positive change and in a vertical we understand, then you’ve found what you’ve been looking for: advisors, mentors, partners.