Entrepreneurship is rough – mostly because entrepreneurs are constantly assailed by emotional highs and lows. Great entrepreneurs know how to curb their enthusiasm .

The issue is that some days you’re high because of a promise made, a deal closed, product that’s launched… or low because of a promise broken, a deal undone or a product that fails. The seasoned entrepreneur knows how to be a good observer – aware of events unfolding, their causes and of themselves – most importantly their emotional state.



Be like the Rock. Chill out. Lift an eyebrow and gaze at your emotions with scepticism. Say this with me:


A great entrepreneur sees these matters as a matter of facts. The facts give rise to data, for you to react to. When your emotions are all over the place, you will not make decisions of sound mind and judgement.

Curbing your enthusiasm does not mean becoming a cynic. It just means – enjoy the success or promise thereof. If it’s a promise, chill out until it’s manifest into fact. The evidence of it’s execution should lead to that elation. If it falls through or someone screws you, just think this: “Nothing to see here, please move on”. The longer you linger on depressive matters, the longer  you reside in their sphere of destructive influence.

Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or an established business:  You do not have the luxury of time nor narcism to pat yourself on the back nor slap yourself continuously in the face. Learn what you did right, what you did wrong – AND MOVE ON.

Hesitation is the killer of all progress and living things.

Why? because you don’t make a decision to move in any direction and you stay in the presence of stagnation or ruin.


High crests & deep troughs

The issue with emotional highs and super lows is that they will drive you bananas. If you constantly flip from a super high to a super low, the distance between is the 2 points is relative to your emotional energy and mental stability. The more hectically you bounce between distant points the more worn you become. Keeping a calm and stable

Examine the “science” below:

Entrepreneur emotional chart

Consider that your emotional baseline is where you are at your most sound judgement. It’s the space you’re in where you make the best decisions, which are calm and measured.

Depression and elation are energies that are subject to the simple law of relativity: Every action must have and equal and opposite reaction. As you get more elated, you set yourself to be more depressed. Over time, succumbing to these extremes in emotions teaches your psyche to be more emotional. You become MORE ELATED and MORE DEPRESSED. Your judgement falters. Eventually you can become an egomaniacal dick or you freak out completely.

I’m not advocating that you become a stone cold, straight up killer. Rather, observe. Be aware and learn to curb your behaviour to find an emotional middle-path.

Good luck! Onward and UPWARDS! 

Eran Eyal
Eran Eyal
Eran is the founder and CEO of Shopin and StartupHat, Springleap, Evly (acquired), iDea (acquired), eSquared (acquired).


  1. Hello Eran, a great post and really in-line with what I tell myself every day something went wrong or my plans didn’t work our or I got screwed by someone. Move on. Move on. The only way ahead is forward, to the next thing. I loved this advice from you:

    Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or an established business: You do not have the luxury of time nor narcism to pat yourself on the back nor slap yourself continuously in the face. Learn what you did right, what you did wrong – AND MOVE ON.

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