Social Media Marketing advice: Why your ads are not converting in your Facebook Campaign

You can’t get your conversions on your ads. You keen pumping more cash in and creating ads in your campaign… and still most of your ads don’t get you impressions. Here’s some social media marketing advice to help you understand why your ads are not converting in your Facebook campaign.

There are a bunch of rules in Facebook – some can be bent – other’s even broken, when you’re savvy. How do you get savvy? RUN A CRAPLOAD OF CAMPAIGNS (TEST TEST TEST). To date I have run in excess of 4000 different ads… and I have been watching the conversions carefully and getting to understand the algorithms and “eccentricities” of the Facebook ad platform.

First and foremost, I can tell you that there is a lot of total rubbish in the documentation and the advice you get given on setting up ads as well as why your ads are not converting in your Facebook campaign. When you dig in deep enough you start to see the forest for the trees.

Why your ads are not converting in your Facebook campaign… except one.

One of the least known facts is that Facebook has algorithms that serve to optimise your ads – essentially these algorithms examine which ad is performing best and pushes that ad in the campaign. The effect is that the rest of your ads may not get any decent sort of conversion.

This is a huge oversight by the Facebook engineers. Why?

1. When running a campaign, you might want to create a spread of creative and images

2. They actually advise you in the help section of the site and whilst creating ads to create different variations of the ads. Why even do this if the rest of the ads, except one, in the campaign won’t perform?

3. The data set gathered in the initial few hours of the campaign going live is nowhere near sufficient to ensure that the ad that is performing is going to perform for longer. You need a data set of at least a few days of running multiple creative to see what really pulls at the heartstrings of the target market.

4. This means that if your target of interests, demographic or companies varies in the different ads in the campaign, they won’t perform. This gives you a bad analytical understanding of how the ad ranks with different market segments and with different creative.

conversions-in-Facebook-Ads-and-Campaigns - Why your ads are not converting in your Facebook Campaign

Ever wondered why your ads are not converting in your Facebook Campaign? Here’s some great reasons why the conversions aren’t happening.

What you can do about this:

You can run multiple campaigns, each with one ad in it. This is really messy, but it actually gives results. The only other option is to run multiple campaigns with multiple ads, and keep switching some on and some off (too much effort).

Your best bet is to get onto a platform that switches the ads on/off every few hours. Perhaps something like Qwaya or SocialFlow.

What Facebook should be doing about it:

LinkedIn ads – whilst very expensive – have a toggle to switch this sort of algorithm on/off. By introducing this on the campaign level (not across all ads or just the account), Facebook could give their advertisers increased choice and control – allowing them to gather better data sets and decide how hands-on or hands-off they want to be.

There could be many other reasons why,your ads are not converting in your Facebook campaign – This is the first in a series of blog posts at StartupHat, which will be unpacking the myths of the social ad campaign platforms. Sign up to my newsletter to stay in the loop.

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Eran Eyal
Eran Eyal
Eran is the founder and CEO of Shopin and StartupHat, Springleap, Evly (acquired), iDea (acquired), eSquared (acquired).


  1. Swayam Das says:

    Great Insight! 🙂 For my ad campaigns I’m receiving only clicks with high bounce rate. The visitors are staying max of 1-2secs. 😛

    • eraneyal says:

      Exactly. Separate the ads into different campaigns and go FAR more targeted. This will allow you to bid on many different levels and with a lower bounce rate. Also make sure you have a phenomenal conversion page and messaging aimed at the user and which platform they came from.

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